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My diploma is recognised by the GHSC and CHNC.

I’ve been having Hypno sessions with Mags for about 8 weeks and the difference it’s made to my life in that time is amazing, she’s helped me change bad eating habits and has given me a healthy food outlook, She has also helped me to feel more confident and a lot more sociable, Mags I can’t thank you enough!
Linda McNamee
Margaret is a natural and talented coach. Unsure at the outset this couldn’t have come at a better time for me and made a material difference in helping me make a major decision regarding my career. I thoroughly recommend.

Peter Phillipson
I enjoyed life coaching with Margaret. I found myself both inspired and challenged by the questions in each of the sessions and have continued to reflect. The sessions helped me to take stock and look forward, removing barriers and exploring possibilities. Thanks Margaret!
Sarah Scott
Thanks, Margaret! I really enjoyed our session on motivation. It definitely increased my focus and positivity and even the preliminary chat helped me identify and understand my blockers more readily. You’re doing great stuff!
Jessica Livingstone
Margaret’s hypnotherapy session was relaxing and empowering. She is a genuine and kind person all the time and when you combine those qualities with a targeted hypnotherapy session you know you will feel better coming out of it and ready to face your goals.

Elaine Cleland
I would like to say thank you to Mags who helped me overcome my fear of public speaking with only 1 session. It turned my negative mindset into a positive one.My thought of “I cannot do this” became “I will try this”. Although I was still nervous my public speaking was no where near as bad as I thought! I found the session with Margaret relaxing and thought provoking and would definitely recommend it to help overcome any irrational fears. Thanks for applying your excellent coaching skills Mags
hypnotherapy reviews in glasgow
Laura Sidwell
Received NLP at the weekend to help me with a fear of heights. This weekend I’m about to embark on one of the biggest challenges of my life, with the assistance and support of Margaret Martin Coaching I am excited to climb Ben Nevis. I can’t recommend Margaret Martin coaching high enough, her calming voice and nature make for a wonderful session.
Nicola Baillie
I was very lucky to be coached by Margaret in April and it was a fantastic experience. I have never done anything like this before and I suppose I’ve always been a bit sceptical about how it could help me. However, Margaret is an excellent listener and was great at reviewing each session so I had a lot to reflect on after each meeting. I loved the structured method of the coaching Margaret is using because I’m from that sort of background so it made sense to me and I was really comfortable with the format.

I’m based in Manchester so we did video calls which worked really well and I’d recommend this as a coaching method for anyone who isn’t lucky enough to live near Margaret.

Looking back now, I found it helpful particularly as I’ve had a lot of changes in the last couple of years and the coaching really made me assess where I am and what I want. It is amazing to take some time out and talk about yourself for a change as you can actually gain clarity.

I’d recommend Margaret to you as a friendly, fun and kind coach who will help you view the world from a new and better perspective.

Thanks for the coaching Mags - I’m in a much happier place than before our sessions.
Kathy Lee
Mags and I started working together recently, when I was struggling with some (pretty debilitating) anxiety related episodes which struck for what seemed like an endless set of reasons on an almost daily basis. At first I put it down to a multitude of different things, and tried to work on them one by one, but when these episodes only seemed to worsen, I knew it was time to reach out and get some professional help.

From the initial consultation call, she took the time to really listen to me, to try really understand what seemed like an endless list of problems to work through and target what would have helped me the most to move forward.

From our sessions, we've managed to work through this, and I can safely say, I'm feeling back on top form, and myself once again!

Thankfully the self sabotage, and general feelings of hopelessness are a now thing of the past, life has its 'va va voom' back, and I'm smiling once more! There is nothing better than feeling yourself, positive, and in control after such a turbulent period.

Thanks Maggie, this has helped me monumental amounts, and I'm so glad I found you when I did
Kaja Gealàth
I flew back from my trip after a month 1/2 of being away and it was incredible! The change from before was night and day. No fear whatsoever! The feeling of being at ease without that anxious feeling was such a gift! Which I cannot thank Margaret enough for!!!!!

I cannot recommend Margaret enough! I just had my second session and feel so great.

My first session was on self confidence and I have noticed that I now do things without thinking where as before I would of been thinking "I am not good enough for this" or "too large too do this". I now just get on with it and feel that confidence growing as I discover new things that I can now do which I could not do before no matter how simple these are.

My second session today was on fear of flying. I am leaving in three weeks on a long haul flight. I am terrified of flying and have already started getting anxiety but after the session, I felt more calm and relaxed at the thought of getting on a plane.

Not only do I feel a great benefit to these sessions but I feel that Margaret has a gift for it. She is calming, friendly and soothing which helps a great deal to relax.

Thank you!!!!
hypnotherapy reviews in glasgow 2
Chantal Lachance-Gibson
Margaret carried out a Skype hypno session with me, as I live in Chicago - so the commute was a bit too far!

Margaret positioned me in the room so she could see me how she needed to on my webcam, and with my eyes closed and feeling relaxed, for the rest of the session it was as if she was in the room with me. I’ve never tried anything along these lines before, so I was intrigued- and a little skeptical - about whether or not it would “work” on me. Margaret tailored the session to focus on my anxiety issues, at my request - as for as long as I can remember, I’ve made a mountain out of a mole hill at every chance I get!

The session went well, but I didn’t feel any instantaneous change - which is what I was expecting anyway. However, a couple of weeks later, I successfully moved apartments - completely stress and panic-free. I’ve moved a lot in the last few years, and my partner will confirm that I’m usually a total nightmare, for at least a week before it even actually happens! Not only did I notice a difference with such a large, one-off, and always-stressful event - but I’ve also now noticed over time that I’m not as inclined to blow the little things out of proportion in my head anymore. I feel as though I’m better able to control the panic-mode I used to quickly slip into in the past - and I can maintain my logical thinking for much longer, and stay more in control of difficult situations.

Margaret is an absolute delight to talk to and work with, both in person and over Skype. Margaret has a caring, uplifting and inspiring personality - and I would 100% recommend anyone to work with her on any of the areas of their lives that they’d like help to improve upon. And if I ever feel like I’m slipping into old habits, or want to work on anything else myself, I will definitely give her a call again.
Jason Murray
Hi my name is Tracy and I found mags online offering hypnotherapy. I struggle with over thinking things, worrying and getting myself worked up that I become quite anxious. I thought I would try the hypnotherapy so I decided to contact mags. She got back to me very quickly and arranged a phone call to get to know me as well as explaining what she does, her background and how it works. Mags was very polite, informative and reassuring. She regularly asked if I had any questions to ensure I was ready and ok before our first session. Mags arranged our session that suited myself as I work quite an akward shift pattern. We did our session via Skype. When first meeting mags she was very nice and very clear over the chat. Again she reassured me of what the session entailed and asked what I wanted from it and how I’d like certain words/ feelings to be phrased. She allowed me full input with lots of suggestions and guidance.

after our first session mags contacted me a week later to ask how I was getting on and how I was feeling. I didn’t feel that different however my partner Zoe said she thought I was being more positive and could see a change. Mags offered another session which I agreed to and she arranged a suitable time for me. I felt Mags suggestions to my problems made more sense and were more relative so we went for this throughout. I’m very glad that mags made these suggestions as I feel it has made so much of a difference. She understood where I was coming from and was able to help me. I do feel less anxious now and things that are usually worrying to me which I stress and over think about I seem to be able to now accept what is and carry on.

Thank you Mags for your help and guidance, you have made a positive difference to me.

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